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5 Reasons why Cafe Kareema's Nomad Burger is the best camel burger in Nairobi!

For those who enjoy experimenting with exotic foods, the Nomad Burger is perfect. Aside from being one of the best Camel burger options in Nairobi, it also offers health benefits unlike other burgers available out there.

Best Burger in Nairobi
The Super Delicious Nomad Burger

1. Location

Tucked down a quiet crescent in the Parklands district of Nairobi, Cafe Kareema awaits with its lively atmosphere and healthy mix of American cuisine. A haven for travelers or locals alike who want some gourmet burgers and fries or signature pizzas while they're on the go; you won't be disappointed by what this place has to offer!

2. Signature Dish

Café Kareema, which rates as one of Nairobi's hottest underground restaurants, serves a variety of gourmet burgers and signature. However their most signature dish is not your typical burger or pizza joint fare; it's the Nomad Burger! This adventurous combination packs camel meat into an juicy succulent patty with lettuce, tomato slices, onions, ketchup, and a side of chips on top — topped off with some homemade hot sauce if you're feeling frisky (and who isn't?)

3. History

For centuries, the camel has been a key source of protein for Somali cuisine. Nomads would turn to this meat when they needed meat or milk; however it wasn't until recently that foodies far and wide caught wind in regards to how unique this creature can be at providing us with much-needed nutrients and exquisite taste.

4. Health Benefits

Though camel meat can be purchased in markets across Nairobi, it's still a relative delicacy and won't be found on most menus. The hump of the animal is said to make for some of its best tasting flesh! Camel tends towards being leaner while richer in protein than other red meats such as beef or pork; however this also means that it contains less cholesterol per serving too - meaning they're better protectors against heart disease risk factors like type 2 diabetes, and strokes.

5. How Café Kareema perfected the Camel Burger

Today, chefs all across Nairobi are striving to turn the challenging meat into something appealing for local Kenyans and international expats. There is no way that can be done without adapting it in some capacity; however Café Kareema has adapted camel meat as their own signature dish by topping them just like any other burger (tomato, lettuce, grilled bell peppers, cheese etc...) alongside piles of French fries so adventurous clients who enjoy trying out new things won't get bored easily! They also formed it into spicy camel sausages which are very tender and juicy themselves!

Though camel meat may be more tender than cow, it still has that signature flavor - with just enough sweetness to make you feel satisfied. Luckily for us, Café Kareema adds some cumin seeds, fresh cilantro, and paprika as spices when cooking up these delicious patties; they'll give the dish an unexpected burst of boldness while complementing any palate perfectly well without overwhelming or altering its natural flavors at all (yes!).

The Best Burger in Nairobi
Café Kareema's Nomad Burger

When it comes to burgers in Nairobi, everyone has their favorite. So the question is do you like your burger with a side of camel? If so, Café Kareema's Nomad Burger might be for you! This mouth-watering option will leave any adventurous eater satisfied and content. The nomad burger is an excellent choice if you're looking for something new because in addition to being delicious, it also offers some great health benefits including being affordable and filling. That's right at 695 Kenyan Shillings this flavorful dish is perfect when on the go or just craving that savory taste without breaking the bank. We highly recommend you go experience their wide range of offerings of signature pizzas and gourmet burgers. Café Kareema has really become one of the best restaurants in Nairobi in 2021. How to show your support

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